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A.N.F Community Members



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MIKE has worked as an eye professional for the past 17 years and started his career in New York City with a top optical company professional. He still works in the optical field and manages an Optical store in Massachusetts.  MAGGIE, who has a background education in Social Work and started as a human service worker, serves on several organisation boards. Maggie is the Executive Director of the Angels-Net Foundation Inc. 



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A native Rhode Islander with an Engineering degree from the state university, Russ had successful business careers in both Telecommunications and Healthcare and was very active in promoting diversity in the workplace and community. He gave his life to the Lord 40 years ago and has freely given of his time, talent, and treasure to serve the Kingdom of God, having led the Men’s and Prison Ministries and chaired the Board of Directors at his local church, The King’s Cathedral, in Providence, RI., where he was ordained as an Elder of the Lord’s Church in 2008. Russ has authored four books on Financial Stewardship, Faith (2), and Succeeding in the Workplace; and taught biblically based courses on these topics at his local church and in the community. Since retiring from the corporate world in late 2016, he has continued to “Take Care of Kingdom Business” through Faith Principles Ministries (FPM), writing and conducting workshops for community-based organisations to empower people so they can come to know the Lord, express His purpose their lives, and experience Prosperity in every area of their life - At Home, At Work, At Church, and in the Community. Russ currently resides in Mansfield, Massachusetts with his wife Roberta, who are the proud parents of two adult Sons and have three wonderful granddaughters, Russ also enjoys playing golf, listening to music (especially jazz), and traveling. For more information on Russ and FPM, go to


Angela graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from a State University in Massachusetts in 2006. She is a Kenyan- American, currently residing in Massachusetts, and therefore, very passionate about issues touching on immigration and the well-being of individuals who are going through transitions to new environments. She is a devoted and loving wife to her husband and they have 3 amazing children that inspire her to work hard every single day to pave way for generations to come. Angela is a professional Market Manager, Applications Manager, and Research Engineer with 14 years of experience. She has developed market insights to identify market needs, has leveraged business core competencies to help solve customer challenges, and has developed new products for the semiconductor and automotive industries. During her leisure time at home, she is a health and wellness fanatic, loves the outdoors, appreciates meditation and mindfulness, and is passionate about cooking and spending time with her family doing arts and crafts with the kids.

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John David Obayemi, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor

Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Departments.


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Yvonne Harrison, M.Ed

Educational Program Director.

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